Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rathdowney 2010

Very wet overnight, left on Friday in the rain.
Getting Lunch at Ipswich
Leaving in the rain after lunch.
A bird of paradise outside our room.
Outside our motel room, yes we were going to camp but it wouldnt stop raining.
The KTM.
The BMW and KTM, not happy about being left in the rain.
My mixed grill bloody big. Could not eat it all.
Linda and Don eating tea. Best meals we have had. Great place to eat. Rathdowney Pub.
They other bird of paradise. Linda
Our bikes the next morning ready to go home. Not staying another night to bloody wet. Linda and I got home about It was a great ride will have to go back to camp at Bigriggen. Looks like a nice spot. Bye for now.

1 comment:

  1. Nice pic of the "Bird of Paradise" outside the motel, what about a pic of the "BIRD of PARADISE" inside the motel room - with a nice fat rum in her hand?

    The Rain Gods were not kind - lucky for us the wedding we did was inside and the rain held off for a few photos of the bride and groom outside.

    Catch you soon.

    Mal and Sue