Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fingal Head 2015

Went to Fingal on the weekend of the 23rd August 2015, near Tweed Heads. Last time here was 1985.

Our lovely camp site, it is right on the ocean.

This is Cook Island just off the coast.

This is our back yard, so relaxing.
The 2 combatants.


 Saw a couple of our children while we were there.
 2015 and 1985. It has changed a fair bit in 30 years, I don't feel that old.

 The light house keepers house. Stopped being used in 1923

 My lovely wife Linda
 Me sitting on the edge of the rocks.

 This is what I was looking at over the edge.

 Fingal Head caravan park
Selfie time.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Easter 2011 at Cania Gorge

Left at 4.30 am on Good Friday. We had a convoy of, Tim,Linda,Coby,Ben,Kieran,Jess,Nicky and variuos friends of the kids. Linda and I were the only oldies there.

Here we are pulled up at some old reptile on the way up.

 Our camp is set up

 Kieran and Jessies new tent
 The big pillow
 Nick lighting the fire

 Kieran loves possums
 Mel and Nick

 Marshmallow cooking

 That is our new cupboard K & J got us

 Camp oven cooking
 Kieran cooking hot dogs


The boys

 Our neighbour
 Sausage sizzle
 The fold up tent that did not want to cooperate