Saturday, March 19, 2011

Camping and Friends

 Sidrcar Rally 1991

 Camping at Goomburra

 David Shepherd
 Dubbo Zoo

 A ride 1992

 Greg Haddan
 Janet Pumpa
John and Jools
 Sue and the boys
 Our camp 1991
 Peter and Kim
 Sandys wedding
 Linda and I on a boat Sydney
 Lighting Ridge 1991
Sidecar Rally 1991
 Camping Goomburra

 Sue and Murray
 Tim ( I have put on weight since then)
 The boys

Various Photos

 This my Side-car in 1986
 Davids bike
 A ride up to Bundaberg
 On our way to rally 1991
 Ban Ban Springs

 At Lake Broadwater
 David and Maria

 Tim and David

 Camping at Hopelands

 David and Liam

 Longreach Rally

 Near Surat