Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cherribah in 2010

Linda loves horses.
Our unit and my  ute
Lindas new hat
Kieran and his stepmother
My wife and ex wife, keeping things friendly
Kieran and Jessie they are a lovely couple.
Kieran and Nicky about to play spoons, a great game.
Mal having a flipping good time at breakfast, flipping pancakes.
Queen Mary Falls went hrer on the way home. We all had a very relaxing and fun time. Go there if you get the chance.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Cherribah in 2010

Note from Coby(My step son) wishing us both a good weekend.
Nicky, Kieran and Jess at Cherribah

Linda unpacking the ute.
Linda and Jess enjoing eachothers company

Jess,Sue Kieran,Mal and Nicky telling tall tales

Mal playing the guitar and singing,(maybe he should not try and multitask)
The author Tim.
The authors wife, Linda
Sue um looking as though she knows what is going on. This was a great weekend, for Kierans birthday he organised it. Very lovely spot to spend a quiet weekend away. We all had a ball. To be continuned :

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Homeward Bound from the Superbikes

At Blayney ready to leave.Bloody cold at the Warrumbungles.My ride.The cooksSawn Rocks near NarrabriThe boys and ILeaving Goondi.  Last day, home by smoko.

kieran's Bucks Night

More of the boys

The DonkeyKieran and The DonkeyKieran's new father-in-law, VinceA Couple of photos of the front of our waitress.

A couple from the backThe Boys...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Superbikes

Omeo courthouseLakes Enterance. Stayed here for two nightsKieran a bit cold at Lakes EnterancePhillip IslandAt the track. Ben, Kieran and DonThe Captian.My home and transport for the 14 daysThe Barry Way. We were a bit tired and did not enjoy this road as much as we should have.Hard accomadation, just great after the tent. Hang the expence.Went fishing and caught this monster.At Blayney. Kissed the stone.